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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date [SOLVED]

If you get this error, do not click update or install.Because this is a virus, isn't adobe flash.

When you want to go "google.com" or "youtube.com", you receive this error.

How to remove this virus?

Step by step;

1) Open Control Panel -->Add or remove programs
Delete unknown programs !

2) Download AdwCleaner From HERE 

Setup program. Click Scan and wait until the process.

 When finished click "Clean" and restart computer.

3) Malbytes anti malware From HERE

 Setup program and select "Perform Full Scan" and click Scan.
 Wait until the process.

When finished click "Show Result" and select all virus, click Remove Selected.

Restart your computer.

 4- Last step ;
Run your web browser(chrome, mozilla).Uninstall unknown extensions.

that is all :)

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