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Sunday, June 1, 2014

How to play "Watch Dogs" on DirectX 10 compatible card

As you know Watch Dogs Game wants minimum Directx 11 compatible card.

If you get an error as follows: Your Card is not supported DirecX 11.

Hi; as first download the file

2)      Extract rar file and copy "dxcpl.exe" file to Watch Dogs\Bin.

3)     start dxcpl.exe file and click Edit List .After ...(three point) click.

 4) find "watch_dogs.exe" file and click OK.

 5) if not selected Force WARP , please select it.

6) select your directx version Feature Level Limit

7) Click apply and exit.

 Now you can start the game :) 

NOT:  If your card support Dirext 11 but you still get an error.Download directX and reinstall. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35)

if it still doesn't work start "dxcpl.exe " and select DirectX version 11.


You can find directx version on Gpu Z application

 Gpuz Download; http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/SysInfo/GPU-Z/


  1. I appreciate that you put a link of dxcpl file, I searched it everwhere, everyone says I should download and install Windows SDK which has 500mb-1.4 GB size. i can't download that much..
    Once again thankyou for the download link :D

  2. i repeat all steps {8ut still shows an error :(

  3. the dxcpl file shows an error ::::: the file is not compatible with the version of your windows::::::: plz what should i do i really want to play this game :(

  4. Oh this tutorial posted everywhere is such rubbish. Yes, you can start Watch Dogs in dx10, but it is absolutely unplayable at < 10 fps.

    1. Your gfx card is rubbish, the tutorial does what it says, run wd in dx10.

  5. thank you very much :) you are just awesome! i saved my bandwith by not downloading the sdk files :p thanks once again :))

  6. hey there , could you tell me which one latest and excellent directx11.2 supported with hdmi connectivity 2gb ddr5 graphics card for my intel dg41qr original motherboard righ now i have sparkle geforce 9400gt 1gb graphic card i want to upgrade

  7. Bu eğitim için çok teşekkür ederim çalışıyor ismail Sarp abey

  8. it still says same thing... can you please help?